Sim Taxi 2

Road Rough Sim Taxi 2

Owning a luxury car is every person’s dream. Even if we get to own one at some point in our life, we cannot drive it as per our wish in the traffic filled roads. Car simulation games come as a good relief to all hidden speed quest. We can dash drive no matter we own a car or not. We can avoid all the bumpy roads and select the best destination of our choice.

Sim Taxi 2 is one such game. In addition to driving to your own whim you have to stay polite to the customers you are picking up, drop them at the required places on the given time, overcoming all the hurdles. A feat challenging enough to do for any man, in the traffic filled real roads is recreated in the virtual road with creative hurdles. Sim Taxi games are already quite famous. The new version of the game give us a chance to drive faster, better and happier.



There are wide varieties of taxi’s to choose from, different situations you can drive and several different personalities you can pick up. Coming from the makers for SimCity, the game will raise your adrenaline, make you multitask and enable you to forget yourself completely in the virtual world. Once you start the Sim Taxi 2 game, you can be rest assured your fingers will get glued to the arrow buttons on your keyboard or joystick. Thrilling, speedy and fun to play, the game has already surpassed millions of downloads in the internet. You can simply search it on Google and start playing anywhere, anytime.